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Manual and Hydraulic Catwalks

Manual and Hydraulic Catwalks

Mitey Titan Catwalks are available as simple Manual Catwalks with a built-in Trough or as Remote-Controlled Hydraulic Catwalks for delivery of tubulars to at required height to Hydraulic Workover Snubbing units, Service Rigs, or Drilling Rigs.


The Oil & Gas industry worldwide is moving away from having human beings manually handling tubulars and such due to the hazardous nature of this work, finding more advanced and efficient methods to fulfil most tasks. Mitey Titan Catwalks provide a way to reduce/eliminate human handling of tubulars during field operations and increase overall safety in the field. Mitey Titan Catwalks can be configured with integrated pipe racks to handle the specified weight of the tubulars, can index tubulars into its trough, raise the trough to desired height, push or skate the tubulars up as required, and complete the cycle in reverse from remote-controlled functions of the Mitey Titan Catwalk.

Why Purchase Mitey Titan Hydraulic Catwalks?

Mitey Titan has been manufacturing Manual and Hydraulic Catwalks since 2010 and are experienced in the field, being skilled at composing fit for application equipment starting with simple skid or trailer mounted units without any hydraulics to fully hydraulically operated units. Furthermore, the MT team designed and built the original fully automated Ground Handling System (GHS) to work with Automated Rigs (visit Ground Handling Systems on this website for more details on MT GHS). Mitey Titan is a leading manufacturer of Catwalks and automated tubular handling systems in the Oil & Gas industry, and have consistent, high-quality standards that they never cease to fulfil.

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