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Ground Handling Systems

Ground Handling Systems

Mitey Titan Ground Handling Systems are available as fully automated, PLC Controlled Ground Handling Systems (GHS) for delivery of tubulars to Robotic Pipe Handlers for increased safety and efficiency when handling tubing.


The Oil & Gas industry worldwide is moving away from having human beings manually handling tubulars and such due to hazardous nature of this work, instead looking for creative, simple, and efficient methods to complete any work requiring manual labor. Mitey Titan GHS provide a way to eliminate human handling of tubulars during field operations, therefore attempting to decrease injuries and potential fatalities of the occupation in question.  The Mitey Titan GHS can be configured with integrated pipe racks to handle specified weight of tubulars, can index tubulars into its rollers, horizontally move the tubulars and detect tubular position, measure overall length, clean and lubricated pipe ends, and is capable of completing the cycle in reverse from Rig’s Control Panel.

Why Purchase Mitey Titan Ground Handling Systems?

Mitey Titan has been manufacturing the originally made Ground Handling Systems in 2016 to work with fully automated Rigs. The automation and decrease of human interaction will help decrease the danger associated with the given situation and increase the power and amount of work done in a specific time span. Mitey Titan is a leading manufacturer of GHS and automated tubular handling systems in the Oil & Gas industry, and can supply clients with an efficient, safe machine consistently, due to their extremely high-quality standards that they almost never cease to fulfil.

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