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RS-100 Stripping Head

RS-100 Stripping Head

Mitey Titan RS Stripping Heads are wellbore pressure energized stripping heads that do not require any hydraulics to contain up to 1,200 PSI Dynamic Pressure and up to 3,000 PSI Static Pressure.


Mitey Titan RS-100 heads used to contain pressure up to 1,200 PSI in various Live-Well Workover, Drilling, Service Rigs, Sand Clean Outs, Snubbing or Hydraulic Workover Units, and Under-Balance applications.

Why Purchase Mitey Titan RS Stripping Heads?

Mitey Titan RS-100 Heads have earned their reputation in the Oil & Gas industry for their quality and ease of use. MTI has been manufacturing and selling RS-100 Stripping heads and elements since 2006. This experience in the field has led to insane advancements in the technology due to their constant evolution, contributing to rigorous building standards and high quality. Some of the key features are easy replacement of Rubber Elements, Labyrinth Sealing, and standard 1” and 2” ports which allow any client to install side outlets without any modifications to the Stripping Heads. Mitey Titan Rubber Elements are designed to provide a primary seal that seals around tubulars at low pressure and a secondary seal that seals around tubulars at higher working pressures for a generally better and more powerful effect.

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