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Oilfield Freeze Units

Oilfield Freeze Units

Mitey Titan Industries manufactures and sells Cryogenic Freezing Units that are used create a temporary Freeze Plug in well with low (example 500 PSI) to high wellbore pressure (up to 15,000 PSI). Mitey Titan Freeze units are used in situations where its not feasible to contain Wellbore Pressure to replace damaged equipment (for example, to remove inoperable Christmas Tree Components) or to allow access to the equipment (for example, a Christmas Tree), without Killing the Well. Mitey Titan Freeze Units provide an effective and safe method to create Freeze Plugs when required for the application.

Freeze Unit Applications

The Oil & Gas industry worldwide is increasingly seeking ways to perform well servicing without Killing the Well due to the potential damages caused by the weight of heavy Kill Fluids, Mud and expensive Chemicals that can be used to Kill the Wells, The Freeze Unit, however, solves most of these problems with a safer, and reliable system that is cost effective and quick. Using Mitey Titan Freeze unit, an operator can inject mud (such as a Bentonite mix) at high pressure to create a Freeze plug and use a freezing media such as Dry Ice (CO2) or liquid Nitrogen (N2) inside a Jacket around the outer surface where an Ice Plug is being created in order to service the well. There are number of ways to create a Jacket on the outer surface by using coil lines with liquid N2, a wrap-around jacket with CO2, or a canister style system with liquid N2, utilized according to application requirements.

Why Purchase Mitey Titan Freeze Equipment?

Mitey Titan Industries is a well-known manufacturer of Oilfield Freeze Units with pressure capacities up to 15,000 PSI. Mitey Titan Freeze units have proven to be reliable in creating a temporary Freeze Plugs inside Tubing, Drill pipe, or Casing of up to 36” in diameter. Mitey Titan Industries can also provide training and start-up crew with Freeze Equipment. Mitey Titan Oilfield equipment is renowned for its quality and efficiency. The standards of building in all equipment are rigorously high, which can contribute to great consistency and generally well-built products.

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