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Safety Workover Platforms

Safety Workover Platforms

Mitey Titan Safety Workover Platforms provide a means to quickly set up an engineered work floor at elevated heights for various oilfield activities, at the user’s convenience. The Safety Workover Platforms can be used for these applications without a need for Site-Engineered Scaffolding. Simple Workover Platforms are manually setup and are manually adjustable to work at various heights within its specified range. Mitey Titan hydraulically operated Workover platform provide an operator to setup a Work Floor at any required height and setup stairs and handrails by using onboard hydraulic controls. A complete setup can be achieved in approximately five minutes of arriving onsite.


related applications Mitey Titan Safety Workover Platforms are used for elevated Work Floor heights including, but not limited to, Balanced and under-balanced Workover, High pressure workovers ,Deploying and retrieving BHA (Perforating Guns, Packers, Bridge Plugs), Cleanout, Deploying and retrieving acidizing tools, Fishing lost tools, Milling Operations, Blow-out control and re-entry work, Push Coil Tubing in High Pressure Well Bore, Completions and re-completions, ESP (Electric Submersible Pump) change outs, Plug and Abandon (P&A), Drilling and/or sidetracking, and Gravel Pack.

Why Purchase Mitey Titan Safety Workover Platforms?

Mitey Titan has been manufacturing Safety Workover Platforms since 2009. The experience and long-lasting knowledge of systems inside of the contraption is shown in the extremely high quality of the product, the convenience and consistency of the machine can be attributed to rigorous standards of building and the general talent of the Mitey Titan team. Upon request, the Workover Platforms can be customized and given a specific design to match all application needs.

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