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Hanger Flanges

Hanger Flanges

Mitey Titan Hanger Flanges are safety devices used to hang off tubing stings during well servicing and under balance drilling operations. They are typically manufactured with manually extended/retracted rams that can be engaged on a range of tubular sizes while providing Full Bore when the rams are fully retracted. The Hanger Flange Ram ends are manufactured similar to the MT Gripper Slip Dies to vertically hold tubular string in place using the Hanger Flange.

Hanger Flange Applications

Mitey Titan Hanger Flanges are widely used around the world in various applications including: Drilling Rigs, Service Rigs, Snubbing Units, and Under-Balance Applications where a tubing string is required to hang off in the Hanger Flange to install or remove a Tubing Hanger (Donut) or to perform a service to any equipment above the Hanger Flange.

Why Purchase Mitey Titan Hanger Flanges?

Mitey Titan Industries team manufactured its first Hanger Flange in 2006. This Hanger Flange was designed to have Alignment Pins drilled through the Flange’s Ring Groove. The first set of Hanger Flanges performed well for the application but were not field repairable if the Alignment Pins Sheared off or got damaged during application. Over the years the Mitey Titan team has prototyped and tested various improvements to MT Hanger Flange Design. The new Hanger Flanges are extremely well built with internally built Ram Alignment System that is practical to manufacture and use, are field repairable and are well built to fulfill its intended application requirements.

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