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Compact Mini Hydraulic Workover and Snubbing Units for Land or Offshore

Compact Mini Hydraulic Workover and Snubbing Units for Land or Offshore

Mitey Titan (MT) Compact Mini (CM) Snubbing Units, most commonly as Rig-Assist Hydraulic Workover (HWO) units, are considered different from Conventional Snubbing Units as the MT Compact Mini Units are configured to perform services on Low Pressure to Medium Pressure Wells


The Oil & Gas industry worldwide is increasing relying on Hydraulic Workover or Snubbing Units to perform completions and workover services on Live-Wells due to the potential damages caused by heavy kill fluids weight, mud and chemicals that are used to Kill the Wells for Well-Servicing operations. Mitey Titan CM Snubbing units are commonly used as Rig-Assist units for various Hydraulic Workover applications worldwide.

Why Purchase Mitey Titan Compact Mini Snubbing Units?

Mitey Titan (MT) is one of the first manufactures of CM HWO or Snubbing Units. Our first CM Unit was mounted on a 1-Ton truck, designed and manufactured starting in 2005. MT is a leading designer and manufacturer of these units at present, leading the snubbing industry in innovation, safe performance, and user friendly HWO equipment. Mitey Titan HWO equipment is built to high quality standards and has earned a near-perfect reputation for its performance and design worldwide.

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