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Hanger Flange

Mitey Titan Hanger Flanges have ram alignment built into the body of the flange without using pins through ring grooves.

Highlighted features:

  • Mitey Titan Hanger Flanges have ram alignment built-in into the flange body without using pins through ring grooves
  • Body machined to Align rams with matching profile
  • Pressure Rating: upto 15,000 PSI
  • Height: 5 inches for 7-1/16-5K Flange with Ring Grooves both sides
  • Height: 12 inches total for 7-1/16 hanger flange with quick union or with a spool
  • Sizes Available: up to 13-5/8"
  • Load Capacity: 125,000 lbs with 2.5 min safety factors
  • V-packing or graphoil packing used instead of o-rings for the ease of field repair in case of a leak
  • Tool Steel Rams heat treated by double draw
  • Option: Stainless steel inlay of Ring Grooves
  • All Materials come with MTR's, Letter of Compliance and Pressure Test Certificates
  • Mitey Titan can be work for any application where weight of pipe strings needs to hang-off for any reason
  • Mitey Titan Hanger Flanges are by far the most superior hanger flanges in the market

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